In Memoriam of Buford the Steer

In Memoriam

Buford Bendure, Steer Par Excellence

Born April 3, 1999 Passed away April 16, 2011

To Buford's many KKC friends, It is with sadness that we must tell you of his passing this past Saturday.

Buford was a joyous, playful addition to our family , who we adopted when he was only two years old.

He always came when called, be it to greet a visitor or to receive his favorite treat – grapefruit.

He was our “big boy”, standing almost 6 feet tall. He was often intimidating at such a height though he was as gentle as he could be at that height and a weight of 2000+ lbs. Sometimes his gentle nudging was misinterpreted; a “push” was merely a pat, though it had the strength of a shove – albeit a loving shove.

Buford's doctor said that the acute pain Buford was experiencing in his hips may've come from a fall. This was news to all of us as Buford was his kind, loving self right to the end. Our sincerest thanks to Peggy Reed and Dr. Olson for the loving care they showed to Buford. Burial arrangements were handled by The Last Ride. Interment was in Florence, AZ.

Our beloved Buford passed away at home surrounded by family and friends.

Our beloved Buford...