Happy Holidays!

Here is the most adorable advent calendar! But enhanced! Nana's Calendars are magnetized boxes for each day of the month. It is the perfect way to help the kids count down to Christmas Day, while getting a little treat along the way.

These don't have to be just for Christmas though!! Nana's Calendars are decorated for any, and every month, for the little girl or boy in your life, sports as well as seasonal.

Come down to KKCB and ask the artist herself about customizing your own calendar. We're open til 5pm on our last day, today!

Preparation for a new Week!

ATTENTION: Kandy Kane Castle Boutique will be having it's LAST week this Thursday, Friday and Saturday, the 18th, 19th and 20th of November!!!

We want to thank everyone for coming out last week! It was a huge success and we had a blast looking at all the different crafts with you. BUT... If you think you've seen all that we have... think again. This week we will have some new food items for you to try! The kitchen is just becoming more and more irresistible each day.

So come by and see what there is to offer. There is always something new around every corner every time you go through our boutique. Can't wait to see you out here!!

Food, Glorious Food!

THE KITCHEN is filled with mouth watering goodies!

Whether it be a meal, or just a snack you're looking for we have just what you need to satisfy your appetite.

Samples are available to test and fall in love with our variety o of specialty foods!

First Week Success!

Take a look at some of the pictures from this past week of our 20th Annual Kandy Kane Castle Boutique! Thanks to everyone who came out and helped make the beginning of our event such a memorable one! We have so many different crafts to see, so make sure you join us for our 2nd big boutique week -- this Thursday, Friday, and Saturday (November 18, 19, and 20).

We open 10am and close at 5pm so make it a lunch date because, yet to be revealed, we have some amazing food for you to try!

"What's In Your Shopping Basket" with Jacie & Marcia

Ardent Kandy Kane Castle fan and annual boutique shopper Marcia shares her thoughts on the boutique, along with her shopping basket goodies, with Jacie. Take a look...

Boutique Day 3: Another Round of "What's In Your Shopping Basket?"

Jacie visits with Rachel and Ida to find out what's in their shopping basket. Rachel found some cute make-up bags that she's planning on giving as Christmas gifts, and, this mom and daughter team also hit up the kitchen for some of our famous specialty food items. Check it out...

KKC asks "What's In Your Shopping Basket?"

It's Day 2 of our 20th Annual Kandy Kane Castle Holiday Boutique and Jacie's just got to know "what's in your shopping basket?" Two of our shoppers, Jennifer & Gretchen, share the goodies they've gathered from their shopping excursion. Take a look...

Fabulous Foods at the 20th Annual Kandy Kane Castle Boutique

Delicious food products are one of are Kandy Kane Castle's hallmarks. In this video, Jacie gives us a quick tour of some of the goodies you'll find in the boutique kitchen. Whatever your taste, you'll find something to make your taste buds very, very happy.

Jacie Chats with Boutique Shopper Melanie

Boutique shopper Melanie talks to us about the goodies she's finding at our 20th Annual Kandy Kane Castle Boutique:

PREVIEW | 20th Annual Kandy Kane Castle Holiday Boutique

This is what it looked like at 8:30 this morning -- just an 1 1/2 hours before the opening of Day 1 of our 20th Annual Kandy Kane Castle Holiday Boutique. Fast forward to present time -- the boutique is in full swing, buzzing with shoppers and crafters. Fun stuff!